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Paste in your isbns and we'll convert to EANs (ISBN-13).  You may currently paste in 12,000 isbns at a time and the results will be put into the requested file format so that you may save to your desktop.  Simply paste in your ISBNs, select the file type, check the box if you want to return the ISBN with the EAN (so you can easily match them up to your system) and then click the button when you're ready to go.  Results will be displayed in the same order in which they are pasted into the box below.  If you have an extremely large number of ISBNs to convert or need more in-depth support, please contact us for a custom quote.

  •  Dump to CSV (comma separated) file
  •  Dump to tabbed text file
  •  Dump to Excel
  •  Show the original ISBN with the new EAN

For more information on why the book industry is changing to the EAN.UCC format you may visit

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