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Powerful Inventory

Whether you need to organize a storage closet, track product in a warehouse, or coordinate your business efforts in a multi-national network of distribution centers, SkuFlow Inventory Systems scales up or down as your business needs change.

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Keeping track of your leads and customers is important. It is also critical to manage the abundant information around each of your customers to maximize both sales revenue and their experiences.



Showcase your products in a state-of-the-art shopping cart and take credit cards, Paypal, or generate invoices. Engage with your customers by streaming real-time inventory counts to your cart so they can order right off the dock before the merchandise is even stocked.

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Deep Analytics

Monitor your business across revenue streams through powerful reporting with easy to understand graphs to find better ways to increase revenue and productivity.

Tracking inventory since the 90's.
"You are what people perceive you to be."

Skuflow Inventory Systems has been in business since the late 90's. We began our venture into internet operations in 2001 when we launched our flagship software. With backgrounds in logistics and transportation, we are able to combine our technical abilities with our training to deliver fast, accurate, and reliable services. We are proud to maintain a 99.9% up-time with redundant servers and frequent backups to help maintain solid data integrity.

When we first launched we were more concerned with simply tracking inventory. As we matured, we began to encompass the entire customer experience with our clients. Today development is managed in an agile environment with product enhancements being rolled out every two weeks.

SkuFlow is a software as a service (SAAS). This is a hosted platform and users login to our network to perform their daily tasks. The software is ours, the data is yours. The SAAS model allows us to quickly roll out new features and applications without having the overhead of costly patches and high on-site consultation fees to customize the software.

We team with our clients to ensure that SkuFlow is a constantly improving application. What really sets us apart is the fact that we provide free upgrades. You submit the idea, we provide the technical expertise to deliver what you need. We do not charge our clients to build custom applications if the applications can be incorporated into the framework for everyone to use. If you need private applications, we are happy to build those as well for competitive development fees.

SkuFlow is undergoing a rapid redevelopment from the ground up. We are very excited about the new features and look we will be bringing to our clients in 2017. If you are looking for a better way to run your business, drop us a line and let us see how we can help you grow.

  • SkuFlow gives back through our Books For Blessings venture. 10% of our daily work time is devoted to packing and shipping books and listing new titles for sale. Each book is inspected and cared for. Never judge a book by its cover. We take books which nobody wants and sell them, sending 80% of the profits to non-profits in need of cash to really help people. 20% of the profit is kept to simply cover expenses of mailers and labels.

  • God gave us one mouth and two ears. Listening is more important than talking. We spend 30% of our day listening to our clients so we can better deliver solutions which meet their needs.

  • The software industry is changing so fast, developers have to take time to innovate and learn the latest technologies on the market. We spend 30% of our days in personal improvement and training.

  • 30% of our time is spent developing new features and providing warranty service with our clients. Our code goes through several layers of code review and testing before it makes it to the production servers.

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